Using Add/Drop to Make Space for College Success 

There is no simple answer to the question, “How many classes should I take each semester?” The number you take depends upon several factors beyond your aptitude and the course level of difficulty. A learning difference adds even more complexity to the equation. 

We often recommend that students take a lighter course load because those who learn differently must pay attention to and make adjustments for their difference—which usually translates to factoring in more time. Extended time accommodations can help here as can careful attention paid to the Add/Drop. 

The Add/Drop is the period at the beginning of each semester during which students can drop courses from their schedule and/or add new ones without penalty. There is no added financial cost, and courses dropped will not appear on the transcript; they simply go away. It’s a simple enough concept that can make a huge difference in a student’s college career.

We encourage students to thoughtfully consider the courses they’ve enrolled in. Double check the course content and requirements to confirm that they are still compatible. Make sure the professor is dynamic and will hold your attention for the semester. If a course makes you feel overextended or is no longer compatible, drop it during the Add/Drop period.

Dropping an overtaxing class during the Add/Drop period can help a student build their own foundation for success. Less is more: a successful reduced course load is much more empowering than the challenge of overcoming an overload or failure. Committing to less content increases a student’s capability to be more organized, which increases their likelihood of finding success. Students feel more confident, which builds their self-advocacy, and creates a great footing for life after college—which is why we’re here after all.

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