Our Admissions Process

Understanding each student’s unique learning profile and history prior to their introduction to the college campus is critical for their success.

We strive to obtain a comprehensive understanding of student needs and appropriateness for our college support services before we proceed.

Step 1: Contact

Contact Focus Collegiate admissions via phone or e-mail to indicate your interest. We will set up an initial call with you to answer any questions. Our initial calls are usually 30-45 minutes.

Step 2: Submit

Provide us educational testing, IEP, or comprehensive neuropsychological testing via secure method for review. We will also ask to speak with 2-3 professionals who have experience with the student.

Step 3: Match

We conduct a thorough review of diagnostic and psychometric information and contact the provided professionals. If all parties feel we have a possible match, then we proceed.

Step 4: Visit

Schedule an in-person or virtual visit. This is designed to be less of an interview and more focused on information gathering and demonstrating student engagement. A visit can happen at a designated location while the student is on a campus visit or virtually anytime. If an in-person visit is not possible, perhaps we can come to you or meet at a neutral site.

Step 5: Apply

Provide application and deposit. Only after we have determined that the student is appropriate for Focus Collegiate, do we provide you with an application. Your deposit of one month tuition will hold the space for the student in the upcoming semester.

Step 6: Transition

We often begin working with student and family immediately to ensure smooth transition.

Step 7: Succeed!

Student is on their way to college success and independence!

Only about a third of the students with learning differences who enroll in a four-year college or university graduate within eight years.

One study of undergraduates at a large state university found that the risk of not graduating within six years was 3.5 times higher for students who waited until after their first year in college to request accommodations.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Fees and Availability

There is no charge for the admissions process or application. If accepted, a one-time enrollment fee of $750.00 will be assessed.

Price per month in-person and Collegiate Virtual: $3,000.00

Price for Summer Cohort: $7,500 or $7,000 (for students enrolled with us in Fall)

We have a limited number of spaces available each semester; once we are at capacity, we often will be so for the entire academic year. We invite you to call us and discuss your unique college or university situation. We are here to help.

We are currently enrolling for Summer Cohort and Fall Semester 2022
AND starting conversations about 2023!

*There may be limited availability for our current semester or opportunity to get on a waitlist.

Give us a call for more information.