Boundless Support: What does it really mean?

As the fall semester approaches, our phones and video chats are busy. Parents want to know what distinguishes Focus Collegiate from other organizations that support college students who need extra support. Simply put, our biggest differentiator is Boundless Support. We provide comprehensive, relational, integrated, boundless support.

No one can truly predict how much time or support an individual student will need at any given time. There is no recipe or construct to ‘fix’ an approach or behavior. Each student faces challenges differently depending not only on their learning profile, their strengths, and the type and amount of support they received in high school, but on what is happening in the current moment. During Midterms, for example, we often provide more academic support as needed. At other times, students may be fine academically but challenged in life skills such as becoming socially integrated on campus, getting places on time, doing laundry, cooking. Students do not master new concepts in a static environment, their needs change as their lives change—sometimes daily, sometimes hourly.

Focus Collegiate has the variability to serve students in the area and time of need in a nontraditional format. In other words, we do not meet students once a week for an hour on Tuesdays at 2pm and call it done. We meet them where and when they need the help they need. Our approach is unique to each student as is the structure and duration of time we spend with them.

Some students need more support; some actually need less. When less support is warranted, we know when and how to step back so that the student can learn to do it on their own. This creates a foundation for repeatable success. This concept is designed to honor the student’s path to independence but also ensure that they don’t get behind. With the right support at the right time, students are able to confidently face their next challenge and keep up to speed with their peers.

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