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Success Depends on Student Buy-In. Here’s How We Get It.

All of our programs are based upon student goals and student buy-in, without them, we and our students are nowhere. Because we know that the foundations of success are desire and determination, we start with student-centered purpose-driven inquiry. We engage with the student early to create an informal, trust-based relationship. This is where student buy-in begins: we acknowledge the student’s desire and create the framework for determination and success.

“Desire is the key to motivation,

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Routines Shape Our Lives; Make Yours a Good One

Good routines shape our lives. You start the coffee maker, walk to the mail box, grab the paper, recycle the ads, and get back into the kitchen just as the last drop of coffee drips into your mug. Perfect timing. You sip your coffee and read the news. You do it every day. Your routine is your solid foundation. The success of your coffee routine bodes well for the rest of your day.

The same holds true for new college students­—especially those with learning differences.

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Welcome to Focus Collegiate

Transition to College is Hard. If you have a Learning Difference, it can feel impossible. Until Now…

That’s what Focus Collegiate is all about. We guide students with learning differences toward independence using their current college experience as a launching pad.

Unique college students require focused support beyond the university system. Working in concert with college learning disability offices, parents, stakeholders, and the students themselves, we provide the most comprehensive college-bound LD services available in real time throughout the academic year. 

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