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Adjusting to College Life: Take your Time and Breathe

“These are the best days of your life.” How many times have you heard this statement in reference to your college days? If you are like most new students (and even of you aren’t!) you have heard it too many times. Adjusting to college life can be a serious challenge that doesn’t exactly feel like the “best days…” In fact, most first-year students struggle adjusting to new friends, a new environment, and a new workload.

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Still want to go away to college this fall? It’s not too late!

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with the International Guest House to provide an alternative housing option for Focus Collegiate students. The International Guest House is an independent dorm conveniently located in the middle of Boston in the Back Bay on Beacon Street. 

It’s not too late to explore college attendance in Boston without committing to full-time enrollment. Students who choose IGH housing will have the opportunity to test the college waters as a non-matriculating student. 

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The G.I. Joe Fallacy: Knowing is Half the Battle, Right?

G.I. Joe was an action figure who, to placate parents, ended each of his 1980s cartoons with the PSA, “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle…” The PSA was given within the context of something dangerous kids did unintentionally – like running out into traffic. Each cartoon would end with G.I. Joe encircled by a group of kids gleefully shouting, “Now we know!” And presumedly, those smart kids will never make that same mistake again.

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The Crisis on Campus

Do a Google search of the word “crisis” and you will find countless results. Okay, that’s not true. Google is counting. There are approximately 1,030,000,000 search results (and counting). Topping the list of crises are opioid crisis, refugee crisis, climate crisis, crisis in Sudan, and crisis on earth (this is a live-action television series starring superheroes – go figure). A fairly new member to this list is “crisis on campus,” as a recent article from the Los Angeles Times entitled “There’s a Loneliness Crisis on College Campuses,” illustrates.

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College Interrupted: Getting Your Groove Back

It sounds ominous, but interrupting college can be a good thing. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation lists poor preparation, not enough quality time with teachers and counselors, and a de-motivating college environment among the top reasons students leave school.[1] To an observer in the college support field, these look like excellent reasons to leave school–each showing a certain level of self-awareness.

Taking a medical leave can be a very smart way to regroup.

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Adjusting to Depression and Anxiety to Find Success in College

Most of us feel anxious or depressed at times, especially during times of significant life change like starting college. Given the number of stressors college introduces—especially within the first semester—it is not surprising that many students experience anxiety and depression.

New college students are called upon to make a huge number of adjustments. Learning to cope with new freedom, a new culture, new ways of thinking and seeing, a new roommate…is understandably difficult.

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Routines Shape Our Lives; Make Yours a Good One

Good routines shape our lives. You start the coffee maker, walk to the mail box, grab the paper, recycle the ads, and get back into the kitchen just as the last drop of coffee drips into your mug. Perfect timing. You sip your coffee and read the news. You do it every day. Your routine is your solid foundation. The success of your coffee routine bodes well for the rest of your day.

The same holds true for new college students­—especially those with learning differences.

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You’ve been Accepted to College. Now What?

You’ve been accepted to college. You got the letter! You’re in. You’re going to the college of your dreams. It’s an incredible achievement. Congratulations. Now it’s time to do some serious planning. After the celebratory hugs and dancing, of course.

College can be the most memorable and rewarding experience of your life. With good preparation, it will also be the most empowering path to independence. College is what you make it. Read on;

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Welcome to Focus Collegiate

Transition to College is Hard. If you have a Learning Difference, it can feel impossible. Until Now…

That’s what Focus Collegiate is all about. We guide students with learning differences toward independence using their current college experience as a launching pad.

Unique college students require focused support beyond the university system. Working in concert with college learning disability offices, parents, stakeholders, and the students themselves, we provide the most comprehensive college-bound LD services available in real time throughout the academic year. 

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