Individualized College Support Everywhere You Need It

Welcome to Collegiate Virtual.
Individualized virtual college support everywhere you need it. Now is the time; wherever you are is the place.

We are working together at collegiate institutions everywhere. Everything that is available in our in-person model is also available virtually. In our online model, the level of student engagement is often as consistent as our in-person one. With sustained engagement, we accomplish more. Success breeds success and strengthens our relationships with students.

Digital natives, our students communicate with their peers, socialize, and periodically attend classes virtually. This is where many of their interactions start and grow. We get that and structure our relationships accordingly. The convenience of this platform and our unbounded availability makes us efficient when our students need us.

Resonant Relationships

Within the context of these resonant relationships, comfortability leads to greater cognitive flexibility, self-awareness, and better, more open communication. This ease, fostered by mutual trust and empathic listening, is the bedrock of our work during the academic year and in our Summer Cohort. It is here that students find a respectful, safe environment in which they can honestly self-report, and our staff can give appropriate feedback in the form of digital prompts, regular meetings, and frequent check-ins.

Less Logistics, More Direct Support

Our approach is focused on outcomes rather than hours; we are able to achieve desired outcomes virtually for the right student. In fact, our experience has been with individualized virtual college support, certain layers of complexity disappear. Free from the demands of in-person interactions, many students are far more likely to show up and engage. Our meetings are happening with ease; where the students want them to happen. Our meetings can often be shorter and more directed with fewer distractions or interruptions. With shorter, more focused meetings that occur with greater frequency, we increase the amount of productive time we spend together.

Individualized Virtual College Support Anywhere

As with our in-person model, our support is focused on student success. Individual goals define what progress will look like for each student. In other words, our support is not a matter of plugging a student into an existing program, but of tailoring the Collegiate Virtual program to meet the specific needs of that student.

The level of self-awareness and self-advocacy required for college students is of a different magnitude than that required of secondary school students. This is where Focus Collegiate fills in the gaps to make a smooth transition from high school to college or college re-entry after a pause.

The individualized, collaborative approach that distinguishes Focus Collegiate and Collegiate Virtual from the other substitutes is confidence and accountability in-person and now virtually wherever you are.

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