Now That You’ve Been Accepted to College

After making such a concentrated effort writing your essays, getting letters of recommendation, and applying to colleges, there are few things more exciting than reading the acceptance letter to your “reach” school. While it is just the beginning of an experience that will very likely change your life, acceptance is a great achievement. Congratulations! You got in. You’re on your way to college.

It is not uncommon for that thrilling, made-the-grade exuberance to be followed by self-doubt. But as the “what-ifs” (“What if it’s not the right school for me?” “What if I won’t get enough support?” “What if I don’t fit in?”) settle in, there is something you can do: empower yourself with information. The more you know, the better you’ll feel about your decision.

Before you pack your bags, take a long look at the whole school. The support might meet your expectations, but what about the academics? Does the school offer your chosen major? Do the classes capture your interest?

Reinvestigate your school’s accommodations and support to ensure the Disability Support Services will do what the admissions counselors suggested they would do. Changes in staff and funding can influence how support services are mete out on campus. Make sure that the accommodations you applied for are what you expect. DSS and accessibility can be an ever-changing landscape. It’s best to call the office for a confirmation conversation.

Before you finalize your school choice: Visit the school! Explore it in depth online and in-person.

  • Go the accepted-student days on campus
  • Visit the DSS office. Do you feel comfortable there? Do you feel understood? Heard? Seen?
  • Eat on campus. Does the food agree with you?
  • Tour school clubs and activities. Can you picture yourself enjoying your time there?

What kind of community do you want to join? Create a basic pros/cons list for your top three schools. Make sure to include your thoughts on the campus culture. Does it align with your needs? Consider the benefits and limitations of the campus size and the class size. Does the school’s educational philosophy align with your own? Do the housing options fit your lifestyle?

And most importantly, can you picture yourself being happy there?

If you are overwhelmed with questions, call us for a consultation, we are happy to help.

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