On-Boarding for Student and Parent Comfortability

During the uncertainty of the pandemic, comfortability has suffered considerably. As many schools and much of the country begin to slowly reopen, we want to directly address how we create comfortability for our students and their families.
One of our greatest discriminators as a service provider for college students who learn differently is resonant relationships. These are the supportive, trusting relationships based on regular dialogue and excellent listening that open us up to new ideas and create positive change. We foster these strong relationships not just with our students, but with their families. From the moment a student signs up, they become part of our family; we are going to treat them as such offering unbounded support when, where, and as often as needed.

Our holistic approach recognizes that the unique personal story each student brings with them to college is interwoven with the unique story of their family. Because we recognize that family dynamics influence student success, we start to build our understanding of these stories during our initial exploratory conversations.

We typically start with a 45-60-minute phone call with each family, followed by a 45-60-minute call or video chat with each student. In order to ascertain that our services match the specific needs of each student, we get right to it learning as much about our students as they learn about us. Before we accept an application, we review student educational testing, IEPs, or comprehensive neuropsychological testing and the speak with professionals who have worked with the student. It is not until all parties feel we have a possible match, that we proceed.

Each student then completes an online survey and meets with our Student Life Coordinator and our Learning Specialist to establish preliminary student goals which form the basis of their individualized Learning Agenda. Then we do a bit of crystal ball gazing to determine how the process will unfold on campus. We want to identify any possible areas of need prior to a student facing any and all challenges on campus.

The on-boarding process is where the relationship deepens. We help with logistics like getting an ID, asking for accommodations, and knowing how to find the classroom for the first day in order to ease the landing on campus. The trust engendered here during on-boarding and in the first few weeks on campus becomes the basis for the honest student self-reporting that helps us provide the most appropriate support.

We work with complete transparency letting students and parents know exactly what we feel is happening. We do this even when we are not dealing with a pandemic; this is just our culture. We focus on outcomes and how we spend time in preparation to ensure student and parent comfortability – the breeding ground for successful outcomes. 

Our Summer Cohort, which supports students who learn differently as they transition to college, is a kind of cultural immersion in comfortability. We create a college-readiness experience in which students feel at ease. Though not a prerequisite for admission to Focus Collegiate, 80% of Cohort graduates will transition to Fall enrollment. Given all the uncertainties at this moment in time, we created an environment that accommodates both in-person and virtual participation seamlessly so that we can be together all across the country.

Are you looking for some comfort regarding the transition to college and the academic year? Collectively we have more than 8 decades of experience working with young adults and their families in the area of transition to college and independent living. Call us now so we can start the process in a timely manner together.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Focus Collegiate Team

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