Our Team

Focus Collegiate provides innovative, hands-on support to equip college students with learning differences for success on campus and beyond.

Our dynamic and professional staff is comprised of Collegiate Life Coordinators, Learning Specialists, Student Skills Specialists, Parent Support, and administrative support. Our students attend their college of choice in the close radius of our Boston area team or virtually around the country. While we do have offices, we often prefer to work with our students on campus or in their preferable locations when possible and virtually went its not.

Our services thrive in major urban centers (and now everywhere) where there is a robust and diverse community providing multiple academic options for our students.

We currently serve college students with learning differences in-person in the greater Boston metro area and around the country through Collegiate Virtual

  • Grant Leibersberger, Focus Collegiate

    Grant Leibersberger

  • John Marinilli

  • Jamie Hare

  • Lisa Witter

  • Adam Tiro

  • Ann-Marie Stripling

  • Leslie O’Brien

  • Shawna Graichen

  • Sarah Adrisio, Focus Collegiate

    Sarah Adorisio

Grant Leibersberger, Focus Collegiate

Grant Leibersberger

Founder and Principal

Grant has twenty years of leadership experience helping young adults, families, and organizations build a solid foundation for success. He was a Founding Partner at Mansfield Hall, a successful residential college-support program for students with learning differences. His experience also…

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John Marinilli

Collegiate Life Coordinator

John Marinilli is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about music and people. His bachelor’s in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music brought these passions together and led him to the Perkins School for the Blind,…

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Jamie Hare

Learning Specialist

Our Learning Specialist, Jamie Hare, has a master’s degree in special education and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Not afraid of obstacles, she thrives in non-conformity and is stimulated by the challenge of engaging task analysis and problem solving differently…

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Lisa Witter

Parent Support Specialist

Lisa Witter is our Parent Support Specialist at Focus Collegiate. She has dedicated much of her adult life to working with children, teens, and parents. At the age of 21, she graduated with a BA in marketing. She then quickly…

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Adam Tiro

Student Skills Specialist

Student Skills Specialist Adam Tiro has almost two decades of experience working in special education. He has a master’s degree in Moderate Special Education from Eastern Nazarene College and a bachelor’s degree in professional music from Berklee School of Music.…

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Ann-Marie Stripling

Enrollment and Outreach Director

Ann-Marie is a connector who sees the potential in others. Her superpower is building relationships. In the context of Focus Collegiate, that means connecting students who learn differently and their families to the educational resources they need to flourish. It…

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Leslie O’Brien

Learning and Development Consultant

Leslie O’Brien is our Learning and Development Consultant at Focus Collegiate. She provides essential supervision for our team and supports the growth and development of our People Operations. Leslie has more than fifteen years of clinical experience developing specialized programs…

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Shawna Graichen

Student Skills Specialist

Shawna Graichen is one of our most enthusiastic Student Skills Specialists. Her focus is student self-care in a collegiate setting. Shawna also serves as the Vocational Director and Transition Coordinator at the Ivy Street School in Brookline, Massachusetts. She has…

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Sarah Adrisio, Focus Collegiate

Sarah Adorisio

Business Operations Manager

Sarah is the consummate professional. Impeccably organized, driven, and focused, she has great respect for the freedom that adherence to the rules brings. A lover of data and people, Sarah’s human resource expertise goes beyond traditional activities to include easily…

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