Our Team

Focus Collegiate provides innovative, dynamic support to equip college students for success on campus and beyond.

Our outstanding team is composed of professionals who have worked extensively in traditional college environments and are experts in helping students bridge the gap between high school and college, regardless of their learning profile. Most have extensive experience in the collegiate offices of student support, academic advising, accessibility services, residence life, or first-year experience. Many have also guided students toward independence at the secondary education level.

Our students attend their college of choice!

Whether they are getting in-person support in the Boston area, or virtually around the country, our services are robust and unbounded for all students.

  • Grant Leibersberger, Focus Collegiate

    Grant Leibersberger

  • Ann-Marie Stripling

  • Rich Davino

  • Kate Durham

  • Rachel Dayanim

  • Sarah Wilkie

  • Emily Conway

  • Elizabeth Murphy-Lewis

  • Abigail Schmidt

  • Shawna Graichen

  • Amy Breton

  • Angela Barnes

  • Brenda Hackett

  • Geoff Anstatt

  • Robin McCatty

  • Sarah Adrisio, Focus Collegiate

    Sarah Adorisio

  • Mary Hickey

Grant Leibersberger, Focus Collegiate

Grant Leibersberger

Founder and Principal

Grant Leibersberger is the founder and principal of Focus Collegiate. He is a staunch advocate of experiential learning. “Learning from experience happens through metaphor,” he says and uses a rock-climbing analogy to explain the isomorphic metaphor (the one-to-one relationships between…

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Ann-Marie Stripling

Enrollment and Outreach Director

Ann-Marie is a connector who sees the potential in others. Her superpower is building relationships. In the context of Focus Collegiate, that means connecting students who learn differently and their families to the educational resources they need to flourish. It…

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Rich Davino

Managing Director

Rich Davino is our Managing Director. Proud of his twenty-five years in higher education, Rich is a skilled and talented leader with an extremely broad knowledge of how higher ed does (and sometimes doesn’t) work. He is an optimistic pragmatist…

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Kate Durham

College Life Coordinator

Kate Durham is our Collegiate Life Coordinator. She supports students in their transition to college life, which is often much less structured than high school. A passionate student of adolescent development and student success, Kate has more than ten years of experience working in higher education. As…

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Rachel Dayanim

Learning Specialist

Rachel Dayanim is one of our Learning Specialists. Rachel has dedicated her career to education and student support across disciplines and spectrums of need. She strongly believes in the value of every student and their remarkable potential to succeed. She…

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Sarah Wilkie

Student Skills Specialist

Student Skills Specialist, Sarah Wilkie, is passionate about art. It influences everything she does. Her approach to creativity easily translates to her work with students focused on life skills, social skills, and executive function. More about process and less about…

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Emily Conway

Summer Cohort Residential Advisor

Emily Conway loves people. She is passionate about working with students with ADHD, and with those who have no diagnosis, but struggle with executive function. We are very happy to have her as our Academic Support Specialist and Summer Cohort…

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Elizabeth Murphy-Lewis

Parent Support Consultant

Elizabeth Murphy-Lewis LCSW, LADC is a clinical social worker in private practice in Portland, Maine. She has been practicing clinical work since receiving her Master’s from the University of Denver in 2005. Prior to establishing her private practice, Elizabeth’s experience…

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Abigail Schmidt

Academic Support Specialist

Abigail Schmidt is our Academic Support Specialist. As an emerging occupational therapist pursuing her doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Boston University, Abigail is a creative problem solver who knows that what works for one person may not work for another.…

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Shawna Graichen

Student Skills Specialist

Shawna Graichen is one of our most enthusiastic Student Skills Specialists. She is passionate about supporting individuals in becoming self-determined agents of their own lives, as they transition from adolescence into young adult life. She supports each student in the…

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Amy Breton

Learning Specialist

Amy Breton is one of our Learning Specialists. She comes to us after ten years working in accessibility. Most recently at Holy Cross, she was Associate Director of the Office of Accessibility Services where she created the student-directed organization DREAM,…

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Angela Barnes

Approach Specialist

Angela Barnes is our Approach Specialist. She has been working in higher education for nearly twenty years developing and delivering programs and curricula tailored to meet student needs in the here and now. Experiential learning is the foundation of her…

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Brenda Hackett

Collegiate Life Coordinator

Brenda creates opportunities for her students to shine. By focusing on their strengths, students start to realize they are more capable than they have been led to believe. Through this lens, students can envision and reach new goals. She has…

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Geoff Anstatt

Summer Cohort Guest Lecturer

Geoff Anstatt is our Summer Cohort Guest Lecturer. Geoff’s twenty-year career supporting students is driven by two primary principles: empathy and excellence. For Geoff, teaching and learning begin with empathy for the whole person and an asset-based understanding of each…

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Robin McCatty

Student Skills Specialist

Robin has a great talent for making her students feel understood. Her skill is borne of her insatiable curiosity and enhanced by her depth of experience and training. She has worked closely with neurodiverse students for more than a decade.…

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Sarah Adrisio, Focus Collegiate

Sarah Adorisio

Business Operations Manager

Sarah is the consummate professional. Impeccably organized, driven, and focused, she has great respect for the freedom that adherence to the rules brings. A lover of data and people, Sarah’s human resource expertise goes beyond traditional activities to include easily…

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Mary Hickey

Parent Coaching Consultant

Mary Hickey is our Parent Coaching Consultant. She helps parents of new college students be better parents. As a Certified Parent Coach with more than 20 years of experience working in therapeutic and transitional programs for adolescents, young adults, and families, she…

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