Spring Renewal: Planting Seeds for Success in the Summer and Fall

Organizations, businesses, households, and individuals regroup and take stock each Spring. It’s a natural time to clear weeds and plant seeds. This clearing and planting are foundational to our organizational development and, more importantly, to the work we do with students who learn differently or struggle with ADHD or anxiety.

The focus of Focus Collegiate is strength building. While educational, social, and experiential gaps or shortcomings certainly inform the learning agendas we develop with our students, they are a smaller part of the growth cycle we engage. We support our students in their healthy exploration of and experimentation with new strengths, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that, through practice, ultimately build new neural pathways to mastery and success.

Our vision is to empower student engagement and achievement, challenge assumptions about learning differences, and bring people and resources together to facilitate successful—even joyful—transitions to independence. Our experience underscores the notion that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot instill college-readiness in students with complex learning profiles, thus we remain married to the concept that support for LD students seeking college-readiness must be flexible and agile.

Such an approach can mean the difference between fitting in and falling short. These unique students need what they need where and when they need it. 

Whatever the challenge—ADHD, depression or anxiety, non-verbal learning disabilities, other mood disorders, social-communication challenges, or weaknesses in processing speed—the support we offer is tailored comprehensive, and ongoing.

Our support is built upon the foundations of student agency in: 

  • Organizational Capacity
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Resilience
  • An Active Social Life
  • Disciplined Self-Care

As we grow, add new team members, and learn new approaches, we continue to hone our individualized support for strength building and student agency. Join us.

We are currently enrolling our Summer Cohort and Fall 2020 programs. We have already reached 40% capacity for our summer college-readiness experience and are at 70% for the Fall. We anticipate full enrollment for both by June 1.

Do you or someone you love need extra support for success in college? Learn more and enroll here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash