Abigail Schmidt

Summer Cohort Residential Advisor

Abigail Schmidt is an Academic Support Specialist and one of our our Residential Advisors for our Summer Cohort. As an emerging occupational therapist pursuing her doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Boston University, Abigail is a creative problem solver who knows that what works for one person may not work for another. For her, finding the right, individualized solution starts with a relationship. Building trust, connection, and open communication paves the way for successful experimentation. Together, she and her clients explore and discover what works best for each unique situation.

She is intimately familiar with the challenges students face as they transition from high school to a completely new phase of their lives. She knows that college success demands a new set of “soft skills” such as planning, scheduling, time management, and the breaking down of tasks—and she knows how to support the acquisition of these skills. 

Her professional passions are accessibility, transition to adulthood, and independent living. Abigail has been working with students transitioning to college for five years, with a focus on the neurodiverse population. “Working with students who look at things differently inspires me to think more creatively,” she says. “I like getting to think differently because my students think differently.”

Abigail comes to us from the Ivy Street School where she was a community and college coach. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont where she majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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