Amy Breton

Collegiate Learning Specialist

Amy Breton is one of our Collegiate Learning Specialists. She comes to us after ten years working in accessibility. Most recently at Holy Cross, she was Associate Director of the Office of Accessibility Services where she created the student-directed organization DREAM, which stands for disability, rights, education, activism, and mentoring. The group was instrumental in bringing disability as an identity into the social justice conversation on campus. DREAM is exemplary of the kind of empowering work she does.

Her background is in accessibility and her reputation is for creating a positive, inclusive culture through transformational learning experiences. By understanding her students’ self-concept and their experiences with peers, parents, teachers, and support staff, she helps students change their personal narrative in such a way that a learning difference becomes a strength in the overall academic profile and, more importantly, in life.

Her enthusiasm for her work is informed by patience, empathy, and creativity. “It’s important to meet students where they are,” she says. “One student might need ten different colors of highlighters while another needs an app.” She approaches accommodations in the same individualized way.

Amy has a Master of Education and a bachelor’s from Framingham State College, a certificate in French from Institut d’Etudes Françaises in Aix-en-Provence, France, and a Spanish Immersion certificate from Northeastern University. Her recent presentations include “High School vs. College: The Accommodations Process” for the Panel for Secondary School Guidance Counselors and School Psychologists, Assumption College; “With a little help from my friends: Empowering Students with Disabilities with commercially available technology” at the NERCOMP Convention; and “Stigma: Breaking down the barriers” for the Connections Conference, Sutton Schools, Massachusetts. She won the JEDI Award (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) in 2021.

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