Chelsey Cole

Collegiate Learning Specialist

Chelsey Cole is a Collegiate Learning Specialist who delights in helping students realize what they’re capable of. “My specialty is executive function; my talent is organization. I love to take something that is disorganized and chaotic—like an overflowing backpack or a To-do list—and bring order to it,” she says. “I help students manage their life, become accountable to themselves, and figure out how to use their time efficiently, so they are able to experience a sense of accomplishment and have some fun. This is what we do as competent adults.”

“You know your calling as soon as you start doing it,” is the way she describes her gradual career transition from teaching mainstream English to special education. As a 22-year-old with 27 students, Chelsey started her career in education at a new charter school teaching seventh grade English. She quickly found herself connecting most to her students who learn differently. “This is where I could have the greatest impact.”

In her most recent position, she was Director of Instructional Services at Willow Hill School in Sudbury, Massachusetts where she created and monitored a school-wide system for daily organization of academic materials. Her work improved students executive functioning skills and to unified staff teaching practices.

Her positive energy and grit are backed by a Master’s in Education from American International College and a Bachelor of Arts from College of the Holy Cross where she majored in English and minored in Education.

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