David Copice

Learning Specialist

David Copice

David Copice is our Learning Specialist. The primary focus of his work is academic success. He provides tools and strategies that students can make their own and apply to every aspect of their lives. He also encourages independence while providing sufficient support and safety nets to catch students if they falter. 

David is a ‘classically trained’ teacher whose journey from high school teacher, to dean, to department head, to curriculum director, to program director, and to college professor is a textbook example of a successful career in education, but his ‘job’ did not become an impassioned career until he worked with international exchange students. This is where he found the basis for his teaching philosophy, “Students now.” 

Working with these students—who wanted to fit into the “American” way and yet whose well-being was impacted by their disparate backgrounds, learning styles, and varying educational experiences—adjusted his thinking regarding what it means to be not just a good teacher, but a true educator who globally addresses individual student needs. “Students now,” describes the way he tailors his approach to the singular student in front of him at each moment. “My work,” he says, “Is not just about the curriculum or the assessment, it is about the individual learner. The learner in front of me is always different. I look at their strengths and growth areas and tailor my approach to that one person.” 

He holds a Master of Arts in English and Education from UMASS Dartmouth, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education from Stonehill College. His recent publications include “Academic Advising for The International Foundation Year Student” andImmersing International Students into American Higher Education Through Unified Programmatic Approaches.” His collaboratively authored book, Students Now: ELA Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment for The Learner of Today is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021.  

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