Geoff Anstatt

Summer Cohort Guest Lecturer

Geoff Anstatt is our Summer Cohort Guest Lecturer. Geoff’s twenty-year career supporting students is driven by two primary principles: empathy and excellence. For Geoff, teaching and learning begin with empathy for the whole person and an asset-based understanding of each student’s lived experiences. This approach, paired with extensive personalization, is central to Geoff’s success as an educator. It drives him to hold high expectations for himself and his students, expectations that lead to the development of a strong academic identity, which is the foundation of excellence. Geoff’s experience and expertise prove that students can achieve incredible things, reach incredible heights, and strive for incredible goals far more often than they may think they can—both inside and outside of the classroom. 

After graduating from Villanova University’s Honors Program and receiving his Master’s Degree in Special Education, Geoff began his career as a special education teacher in Massachusetts where he was driven by an educational philosophy rooted in individualized instruction and connection. In this role, Geoff served as both IEP case manager and classroom teacher in multiple subjects. He immediately recognized the power of the student-teacher relationship and personalized support that can be achieved through a one-to-one model. Shortly thereafter, Geoff started Worth Learning LLC, a tutoring company that provides the highest level of tutoring and coaching available in a one-to-one setting. Worth Learning LLC students don’t just earn strong grades and score well on tests, they are given the tools, support, and skills to become confident, ambitious, and driven lifelong learners. Worth Learning LLC has improved the educational opportunities and outcomes for countless students across Massachusetts for the last twenty years. 

Geoff is a 2019 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Nominee and a Visiting Team Chair for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  He continues to work as a high school special education teacher and is owner and lead teacher for Worth Learning LLC. 

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