Jamie Hare

Learning Specialist

Our Learning Specialist, Jamie Hare, has a master’s degree in special education and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Not afraid of obstacles, she thrives in non-conformity and is stimulated by the challenge of engaging task analysis and problem solving differently for each individual in order to identify and coach the most appropriate path to success. “Traditional learners may come in the front door. Non-traditional learners may use the window, but they still get there.”

Jamie specializes in post-secondary transition services. For more than 20 years, she has been working with late teens and young adults in Germany and the United States during their transition to adulthood, the workforce, and to post-secondary education. Her advocacy includes the creation of a tutor/mentor program for high-school seniors helping struggling freshmen, and transition plans for college preparation. Most recently she has been a liaison for the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission working to promote the equality, empowerment, and productive independence of individuals with disabilities.

Jamie is known for her dynamic, open-minded approach, excellent communication skills, and talent for making goals and skills accessible. A commitment to social justice informs all of her work. Whether volunteering for the Bryan Stevenson’s Equity Justice Initiative, teaching at the Hardthaven Children’s Home in Ghana, or coaching students in transition to post-secondary education, her overriding motivation is accessibility and inclusivity for all regardless of differences—be they race, ethnicity, or ability.

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