John Marinilli

Collegiate Life Coordinator

John Marinilli is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about music and people. His bachelor’s in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music brought these passions together and led him to the Perkins School for the Blind, where he worked for six years with adolescents and young adults. He completed his master’s in social work at Salem State University while working full time for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. He then began a seven-year undertaking at Aspire Health Alliance (formerly South Shore Mental Health) providing In-Home Therapy to families and individuals in Boston and surrounding areas. He simultaneously worked for the Mobile Crisis Intervention team and sat for the American Social Work Board exam. He continued on for three years as a Clinical Supervisor for Outreach, and In-Home Therapy clinicians, designed program protocols, and assessed program development.

After having three children whom he and his wife support through their own challenges in the areas of Sensory Motor Integration, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit, John became the Clinical Coordinator for the Emotional Impairment Strand within the Boston Public Schools from 2014-2019. In this role he structured programs, designed behavioral interventions, and working with families, teachers, and clinical teams established long-term academic, social, and emotional goals that increase student success.

His approach is founded on good communication and leading from behind. Rather than commandeer he listens. He has fine-tuned his skills to really hear what people are ready for and guide them accordingly. He learned early the importance of having a strong support system in order to thrive. His mentors recognized his strengths and encouraged him to find ways to have a greater impact, which inspires him to do the same for his clients and students.

John was born, raised, and currently lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with his family. A musician who believes in and practices the communicative power of music, he still plays the drums in multiple bands, and tutors his children in their musical pursuits. 

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