Kate Durham

College Life Specialist

As a first-generation college student, Kate empathizes with the challenges first-year students face. She recalls learning self-sufficiency and self-advocacy early on in her undergraduate days as she identified and learned to utilize campus resources entirely on her own. In her role at Focus Collegiate, she is the partner she wishes she had as a student.

Kate has more than ten years of experience working in higher education. She supports students in their transition to college life, which is often much less structured than high school and is a passionate student of adolescent development and student success.

“Each student has individual needs and wants,” she says. “I support them in bridging any gaps in their social and academic skills so they can enjoy their college experience…Certainly, there are required courses, but for many of our students, this is the first time they’ve had the opportunity to choose their own direction. They get to choose everything. It’s such an exciting time in life.” Kate clearly loves her work.

She began her career in higher ed in the admissions office at Emmanuel College where she gave tours and organized on-campus events. At Auburn University, she taught first-year seminars and student success courses focused on time management, the development of healthy study habits, and the good use of on-campus resources. As the Career Program Manager at The Posse Foundation, she supported students in their graduation goals and career planning, and in finding internships, work study jobs, and fellowships. 

Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Emmanuel College, earned her Master of Education in Higher Education Administration at Louisiana State University, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Psychology at Auburn University. 

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