Patricia Begin

Business Operations Manager

Patti Begin moves things forward. A gregarious people person, who loves data and numbers, she a consummate professional who has a way of making her clients feel comfortable and confident. But don’t be fooled by her easy-going demeanor, she is also a tenacious businesswoman and solo entrepreneur.

In 2015, she purchased an underperforming hospitality business and doubled her investment by reestablishing its high-end high-volume restaurant after a 12-year hiatus, and restoring the inn to such vibrancy and success, she was able to sell it during Covid.

She has worked in accounting in many different roles: as an office manager at a busy regional firm, as an assistant finance manager at the United Way, and in accounts payable as part of a corporate team implementing an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) rollout for a national organization. She has also trained and mentored personnel along the way.

Today she has her own accounting agency. Her creativity, business acumen, detail orientation, and human resource expertise go beyond traditional activities to include easily anticipating the needs of clients and the whole Focus Collegiate team.

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