Sarah Wilkie

Student Skills Specialist

Student Skills Specialist, Sarah Wilkie, is passionate about art. It influences everything she does. Her approach to creativity easily translates to her work with students focused on life skills, social skills, and executive function. More about process and less about product, art can be used to process information in a more concrete way by creating a physical, tangible piece of art which can help students grasp concepts and become more self-aware and self-expressive.

She comes to Focus Collegiate from Franklin Academy in East Haddam Connecticut, where she was a counselor and art therapist. She has also worked in higher education as a teaching assistant and taught a college-to-career (CTC) class as an adjunct professor; she served as a mentor for English Language Learning Students for AmeriCorps in Portland, Maine.

Her recent accomplishments include creating a COVID-19 remote counseling strategic plan, addressing COVID-19 student stressors and developing a psychosocial support group to strengthen social cohesion for students. She recently presented Helping to Heal: A Primer in Art Therapy presented at the Wadsworth Museum of Art conference entitled: Art, Conflict, and Healing; and Illustrated and exhibited a children’s book for attendees of The National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) Symposium.

Initially pursuing an engineering and environmental science degree, Sarah made a dramatic course shift after a significant life trauma made work in the field of counseling and art therapy her personal mission. Now she approaches her work with an informed awareness of how trauma (even seemingly insignificant trauma such as that caused by bullying) influences confidence, self-perception, and one’s sense of agency. She has a Master of Arts from Lesley University with dual concentrations in clinical mental health counseling and art therapy, and a Bachelor of Arts from Marywood University, where her major was art therapy, and her minor was psychology.

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