Sharon de Klerk

College Life Specialist

Sharon de Klerk is a strong advocate for students. With more than 20 years of experience in executive functioning and disability access coaching, she brings a great depth of practical knowledge to her role as College Life Specialist.

“Having worked with so many students, I have come to know that there are as many different ways of learning as there are students,” she said. “I admire their great variety of strengths but have also seen students hyper-focused on their weaknesses. One of the things I love about my work is helping students take a step back from negative self-talk and shift that conversation to celebrating their strengths.”

Sharon has been an independent consultant since 2016 supporting neurodivergent students using   interviewing techniques to help them set and pursue short- and long-term goals. Focused on skills building and the development of self-advocacy, she sees the “whole student” and recognizes the influence of daily life events and circumstances can have on academic success. “Everything is part of who we are,’ she said.

Before becoming a consultant, Sharon was the Director of Student Accessibility Services at Assumption College for 11 years. Prior to her work at Assumption, she was Director of Academic Advising and Disability Services Coordinator at Clark University in Worcester, MA. More recently, she was Access Consultant at George Mason University.

“Sharon has a Master of Public Administration from Clark University and a Bachelor of Science studying Psychology and Juvenile Justice at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is also certified as a Special Education Advocate by the Federation for Children with Special Needs in Boston.

Working in disability services is always about equity and access,” she said. “We have to remove barriers to student success. I bring that lens to my role at Focus Collegiate.”

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