Student Profile

Supporting unique learners is our passion.

Our students are bright and academically capable, but often anxious about their upcoming or current college experience. They often indicate concern about their readiness, or are currently struggling to meet the demands of college life. They are eager to be successful. Most of our students do not fit neatly into one or several checkboxes. 

Some have documented learning differences and some may have simply excelled through secondary education with a lot of structure in place. Their range of identifiers may be long-standing or they may be new. It’s usually complicated and we welcome all types of learners on their journey. It’s often best to contact us to discuss how your student can benefit from our services.

Some of the common student profiles we work with include:

  • Executive Functioning / Organization
  • Attention Deficit / ADHD
  • Nonverbal Learning Profiles
  • Social-Communication Nuances
  • Motivation and Academic Relevance
  • Gaps in Processing Speed
  • Language-Based Learning Profiles
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Lack of Life Balance Skills
  • College Re-entry

Focus Collegiate is not geared to every student.

Students with the characteristics outlined below may not be suitable for our services.

  • Major or Unregulated Mental Health Issues
  • Pervasive Behavioral Problems
  • Major Substance Use Disorders
  • Disengagement or Disinterest in College
  • No Capacity for Independent Living
  • Unwillingness to Partner with Coaches or other Professionals
  • Inability to be an accurate or reliable self-reporter to our team