Focus Collegiate Welcomes Student Skills Specialist Adam Tiro

Student Skills Specialist Adam Tiro has almost two decades of experience working in special education. He has a master’s degree in Moderate Special Education from Eastern Nazarene College and a bachelor’s degree in professional music from Berklee School of Music. An empath at heart, Adam’s fascination with special education and complex learning profiles emerged during his final year at Berklee. When he witnessed the powerful positive impact music had on a young boy with learning differences, he knew he’d found his calling.

He soon started as a paraeducator; where he put into practice the talent he honed in both of his degrees: clear communication based on active listening. By his second year in education, he had his own classroom. Since then he has been working in private and public-school settings with students whose learning differences are not always visible or tangible. Whether as Special Education Department Chair, working with general educators to modify curriculum, or creating individualized transition plans, Adam recognizes that, “We’re all working with something. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter what they’re working with.”  

His teaching philosophy is that support must be individualized. No book or manual on emotional learning can instruct us on student needs better than that student themselves. Each student struggles for reasons that are not often obvious. Getting to the heart of those reasons is how Adam empowers his charges to find successes they may not experience otherwise. 

Rather than categorizing students by their learning profiles, Adam listens for the reason behind every behavior. This attention engenders trusting relationships with his students and their families that create a foundation for growth and what Adam describes as ‘real therapeutic learning in action’ for everyone involved.

Our program is now available Virtually and in-person in the greater Boston area!

Focus Collegiate provides innovative hands-on coaching for college students with learning differences, on campus and Virtually across the country.

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