Join us for Our Summer Cohort!

The Focus Collegiate Summer Cohort is a college readiness experience for students who need extra support before they land on their campus.

Three weeks of fun and learning in the country’s most academically prominent city!

Students entering college are headed to a new world of opportunities. Our summer experience prepares them for that adventure. While building academic independence, life and independent living skills, our Summer Cohort provides a bridge to college life in a comprehensive  format regardless of which campus our students are attending in the fall.

The Focus Collegiate Summer Cohort supports inbound college students as they make a smoother transition to college.

JULY 16-AUGUST 5, 2023
BOSTON, MA (in the Back Bay)

Fall Focus Collegiate Students: $7,000
Non-Fall Collegiate Students: $

See the 2022 Summer Cohort student schedule.

Academic Independence Skills

Our students participate in interdisciplinary classes intentionally designed to assess and enrich their existing skills. Coursework includes Study Habits, Managing the Academic Expectations of College, and Overall College Readiness. We do simulated group projects and practice self-directed learning strategies. Students also learn peer editing techniques, how to do a presentation, and lecture class survival strategies.

Students work independently on individual and group projects, while also learning strategies for studying, note-taking, communication, promoting productivity, and avoiding procrastination. We also address the mastery of course management systems, digital literacy, and self-directed learning environments that are becoming increasingly common on college campuses. All this in service to becoming an independent learner!

Students practice executive functioning skills such as time management, planning, and task prioritization. And through engaging activities and discussions, we help students tackle stress tolerance, embody a healthy mindset, and increase social initiation.

Life Balance

College is more than just academics; It’s a major life transition! Cohort students are introduced to vital skills for a smoother transition to independent college life.

Students learn how to develop their own support system at college including: Where to go for academic help, how to address healthcare issues, and how to master stress management. We also offer One-on-One advising to preview and engage the supports available at each student’s school that they will be attending in the fall.

As we build on existing strengths, Cohort students gain self-awareness and develop the self-advocacy necessary to maintain the sustainable, healthy routines required for the rigor of college life. For our students who are continuing on with us in the fall, this is an opportunity to get a jump on developing our relationships and assessing skills through the Intentional Change Theory construct. This ensures a seamless transition to fall support. 

All students also get an introduction to career exploration through our relationship with the PathwayU platform. They will explore their interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences in service to getting to know themselves better, and increasing motivation and relevance of their college experience.

Boston Back Bay

Cohort students reside in a private residence hall in Boston’s exclusive Back Bay neighborhood where they learn to thrive and share their experience with other college bound students

Escape rooms, ropes courses, bike excursions, Charles River kayaking, ferry rides in Boston Harbor, and city tours acquaint students with the liveliness of Boston as we navigate local trains, buses, ferries, and experience local cuisine, culture, sports, and music. Students will also have the opportunity to round out their Boston experience and develop their perspective-taking skills by engaging in a variety of structured social activities.