Thanksgiving Reflection and Renewal

Thanksgiving is an excellent time for reflection and renewal.

Learning comes about not only from doing, but from thinking about what we do. Reflecting on a student’s path through the semester, or what we call the Learning Agenda, is an important part of what we do at Focus Collegiate.

The discrepancy between the student’s personal reality and personal goals helps us co-create the foundation of each student’s learning agenda. Skill building, amount of support, and static activities (such as class attendance and regular meetings and appointments) come together to suggest an outline for the student’s daily calendar.

Reflective renewal time is essential to recalibrate the learning agenda and keep momentum going. Are we still in alignment with the student’s goals? Have those goals changed? Asking such questions increases self-awareness and is critical in framing (and when appropriate, re-framing) the learning agenda.


  • Gives meaning to the experience
  • Provides the opportunity to evaluate expectations
  • Creates a sense of accomplishment
  • Simultaneously creates a sense of closure and renewal

Often, we go through our day to day life without spending too much time reflecting on our experiences. Reflection is an important part of the framework we engage to support our students. Acknowledging growth and improvements, even small ones, is essential to confidence and skill building for success. Celebrating the victories creates the motivation that accelerates positive change.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, we encourage you to include your own victories in the celebration. You may very well find renewal, too.

In gratitude to our students, families, friends, and colleagues, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Photo by Dan Bøțan on Unsplash

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