Here are the Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend Summer Cohort

There are many great ways students benefit from attending the Summer Cohort, our three-week college readiness experience. Students entering college are headed to a new world of opportunities. Our residential Summer Cohort prepares them for that adventure.

Simmons University, Boston
JULY 14-AUGUST 3, 2024

Our staff came up with their top ten favorites. 

Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend Summer Cohort:

  1. Demonstrate your commitment to your education
    Attending Cohort will make a difference. Your commitment of three weeks will set you up for your entire college experience.
  2. Build a great foundation of healthy and effective study skills
    We do group projects, learn peer editing techniques, practice creating presentations, develop lecture class success strategies, work independently on individual projects, and learn self-directed approaches to studying, note-taking, communication, promoting productivity, and avoiding procrastination. 
  3. Gain a sense of familiarity and comfort with personal autonomy and accountability
    Learn how to make the best decisions for yourself.
  4. Build social skills and make new friends
    College is more than just academics; it’s a major life transition! We help students embody a flexible mindset and increase social integration.
  5. Practice navigating a college campus
    Students learn where to go to get help and how to grow their own support system.
  6. Create structure within which you can develop of sense of control that reduces stress
    Students practice executive functioning skills such as time management, planning, and task prioritization. 
  7. Learning how to interact with the college course management systems
    Become an independent learner.
  8. Create life balance through the establishment of new routines 
  9. Quell uncertainty about the future
    Cohort students gain self-awareness and self-advocacy.
  10. Have fun in Boston!
    Ropes courses, art museums, city tours, culture, sports, and music.

Cohort students reside in Evans Hall on the Simmons University campus where they will learn how to engage with university resources, while thriving and sharing their experiences with other college students. What better way to experience what college life will be like than to live on a college campus for three weeks?

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