Turning Challenges into Growth Opportunities

The end of the first semester is a challenging time for first-year students and their families. As students face finals, they may also question their performance and even their future in college. Calls home can be fraught with unanswered questions. (Am I good enough? Am I in the right place?) Silence can be even worse. 

Seeing your student struggle is difficult for parents, too. This is where Focus Collegiate comes in. 

We work with students to help them come to terms with the difference between their ideal and their reality. Working with their strengths and gaps (the challenges are important opportunities for building self-awareness) we create tailored strategies and a learning agenda that structures forward motion for each student. As a team (student, Focus Collegiate staff, and parents) we develop the kind of momentum that propels students to fulfill their dreams.

Here’s what our parents are saying:

“Thank you so much! It  is encouraging that he continues to move forward even with the steps back. Those are muscles well worth developing. Thanks to you and the FC Team for being the support that he needs. We are so proud of him for asking for help and self evaluating what he needs.”

“Despite some challenges, what I’m hearing overall are positive steps toward independence – Our student hasn’t given up on the 2 classes he’s struggling in, his apartment was clean, he had groceries in the refrigerator, his bed was made, he was showered…” 

“So proud I can’t stand it! A HUGE thank you to all of you who have guided and helped my son (and me!) along on his twisty, turning journey. He would not be where he is today without all of you. My angst has been replaced with unbridled pride.”

If your student is struggling, contact us. You need to be on our radar.