What Now?

Colleges in Boston and around the United States suddenly shuttered, leaving every student in our community and everywhere else asking, ‘What Now?’  
Student Needs
Such a disruptive and radical routine change has left many students grappling with uncertainty and feeling ungrounded. In addition, almost every university is requiring students to complete the balance of their semester on a remote platform. Focus Collegiate is in a unique position to help ease this transition.

We already utilize an online component in our services delivery model and converted to full online services delivery last Thursday. Now we deploy our remote support expertise across our entire platform. Through a combination of individualized prompts, texts, document sharing, and video chats, we are using our online services to continue meeting student needs for stability while staying true to our model of individualized support.

By working (virtually) hand-in-hand with our students, we are creating healthy new routines and pathways to a successful finish to the semester. We will stay online until we are once again free to shake hands and work together in person. 
Support Services Delivered to a Wider Audience
As our enrolled students make the leap to college life online, we are getting many inquiries from parents and educational consultants from not only our current support area of Greater Boston, but from all over the country. Students with complex learning profiles across the United States are struggling to get back to their academic activities and finish the semester now that they have arrived back home.

We welcome your calls and inquiries. We will be opening our services to students and their families not only in our current support area, but to engaged students outside of our region as well. We believe that the support students need—even in a remote progression—is based on resonant relationships, therefore, we will evaluate each applicant by their unique needs but also by our ability to meet those needs. 

When this is over, we expect to move back to our regular in-person service delivery model as part of the Focus Collegiate experience. 

Best wishes for good health and a speedy return to normalcy,
Focus Collegiate

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