You barely made it through your first semester. Now what?

You made it through your first semester in college. Congratulations! You have accomplished something extraordinary. Give yourself some credit. College can be hard.

Your college expectations and your college reality may not have lined up. The huge courseload, the completely new environment, the daunting prospect of making new friends might have bowled you over. You don’t think you can do it on your own and you haven’t found the support you need on campus.

Don’t give up. We are here to help you keep your college dream alive and well.

We help students who need more support, those with learning differences, and those with complex learning profiles get back on track. Here’s how:

It starts with your dream. We believe in your vision for the future and will help you develop a plan to work towards that vision. Working with your strengths, we’ll look at the differences between your personal reality and your personal vision to uncover actionable steps that will become the foundation of a new strategy for your success.  

And then we’ll practice. Developing new behaviors, thoughts, or perceptions takes time and practice. Through calendar creation, digital reminders, conversation, and reiteration, we’ll help you hold yourself accountable to your own plans based on your own personal vision.

It’s about trust. Neuroscience research is clear about this. The behaviors that build trust are the same behaviors that manage positive change. So, we build trust. We’ll become your trusted sounding board and help you embrace change as an opportunity to learn, grow, and do great work.

We are able to do this because:

  • We have low student-staff ratios 
  • We don’t limit you to hourly increments of support, we address concerns as they arise 
  • Our support is based on Your Need and your bandwidth, not the clock
  • Our staff responsivity is that of a good friend – we stay in touch
  • When you are ready for reduced support, we’ll back off and back you up 

Our support is designed to reduce your need for our services over time. We’ll set you up with tailored-to-you repeatable strategies that will help you find success and independence. If you are struggling, contact us.